Why Locum Tenens

Earn extra income with Locum Tenens

Every physician who does locums has a unique reason or story behind why he or she practices under the locums model and schedule. Taken together, though those reasons will typically boil down to a few themes: freedom, flexibility, and opportunity.

Some physicians choose locums as career and their primary source of income. This could be for the freedom to travel. Or it may be the flexibility found in scheduling. Or it may be about the combination of the two and the fulfilling diversity and variety in practice settings, geographic locations, and experiences that such a combination can create.

For others though it may be more about financial opportunity. One third of all physicians in the United States now have a secondary income, and more and more of them are accomplishing this via locum tenens.

The ultimate beauty of locum tenens is that Consilium tailors your locums experience to you. What do you want to accomplish? And why? How do you want to accomplish it? Where do you want to work? When? For how long? On what schedule? How can we serve you and make sure you get the locums experience that you want? That’s what working with Your Partner in Locum Tenens is all about: you.