Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  Our facility is opening a rural health clinic and needed a mid-level for the first time. I specifically asked for someone with both ED and clinic experience. The first candidate was perfect, as were the NEXT TWO! The provider we chose was not only EXTREMELY flexible in staffing and call for the clinic and ED and excellent clinical skills, she spent time talking with staff about how an RHC worked and how it would benefit the facility and community. She’s done more good for us than the previous 6 months combined of our staff meeting to discuss the subject.  

Rural Health Clinic

  There were no harassing calls from recruiters. And everyone was always respectful, helpful, and genuinely pleasant.  

Community Health Center

  Provided a quality candidate in a very short amount of time; more quickly than your competition could fill the need.  

State Health Organization

  I would recommend Consilium because they were quick to find us a provider.  

Urgent Care Center

  They made me feel like our facilities were their priority..  

Ambulatory Care Facility