5 Signs Your Locum Tenens Company “Gets” Community Health

If you’ve worked in community health for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly dealt with the realities of being short-staffed. In fact, at any given time, 95% of community health clinics are operating with at least one clinical staffing vacancy, with about two-thirds specifically seeking a primary care provider, per a report issued by the National Association of Community Health Centers[1].

Permanent physician recruiting tends to be a lengthy, costly process, and many healthcare administrators turn to locum tenens to ensure that their patients are seen in the meantime. But how do you find a locum company that 1.) cares about your specific needs; 2.) understands the distinct challenges you face; and 3.) shows consistent dedication to finding the best possible fit for your facility?

If the following sounds like your experience, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re working with the right people:

  1. Your consultant places your needs over his or her own interests. During your consultation, your Consilium consultant will obtain a thorough understanding of your need (without trying to persuade you to sign on for unnecessary specialist coverage).
  2. Your consultant and account manager are knowledgeable about working with community health facilities, including the needs of your standard patient population, the federal parameters you must work within, and what qualities indicate that a provider will be a great fit for your facility. Among other factors, we know our physicians must value health education and cultural competence to provide the best possible care for your patients.
  3. The process moves quickly. With Consilium, you can expect consistent follow-up from your account manager and required paperwork will be returned promptly, even if we have to handle matters outside normal business hours.
  4. Your more challenging openings aren’t neglected. We get that sometimes it will be more difficult for you to find a provider for clinics in smaller, more rural cities. You have our guarantee that we will make our best effort to find the right person for the job—no matter where it happens to be.
  5. You are consistently treated as though your clinic is a top priority. Because you are likely part of the community in which your clinic provides care, staffing choices have an impact close to home: we know that the providers we send your way may be providing care to your friends, neighbors, and family members. We commit to treating your staffing needs with the urgency they’re due, so those closest to you can get the care they deserve.

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[1] National Association of Community Health Centers (2016). STAFFING THE SAFETY NET: Building the Primary Care Workforce at America’s Health Centers (Rep.).