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Locum Tenens Providers: Plan Ahead to Avoid DEA Delays

In late 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced several registration-related policy changes to be implemented in 2017. The proposed changes, particularly eliminating the renewal grace period for medical professionals, were likely to prove disruptive for providers, pharmacies, and patients. Resulting push-back from the medical community—including official responses from the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Physician Assistants—led to the reversal of most proposed modifications. However, one minor revision still was implemented earlier this month: providers will no longer receive a second renewal notice by mail.

If there is one constant for medical professionals across specialties, it is the continual demand for your time. While we may not be able to complete your charting for you (though we would if we could!), we can help make other paperwork less of a headache. Even if the recent DEA change seems minor at face value, the reality is that one fewer reminder could be the difference between meeting the renewal deadline and losing important prescriptive authority.

Consilium Sweats the Small Stuff…So Locums Providers Don’t Have to

When our partnering physicians, NPs, or PAs sign a contract with a facility that meets their practice preferences, we proactively note any renewals that will be necessary during the assignment. Several weeks before the deadline, your account manager will contact you and ensure that the renewal has been initiated. When you go to work for Consilium, you can rest easy knowing that you will never again have to worry about a registration lapse while traveling for an assignment.
Bonus: If the renewal deadline draws near and you are without reliable internet access, we’ve got that covered too. Our credentialing specialists can give you a quick call at your convenience to help you complete the forms over the phone.

Quick Registration Tips for the Busy Locum Tenens Professional

One of the perks of working locum tenens is the opportunity to travel the country for work. Though this does help you evade junk mail (who keeps adding you to all those mailing lists, anyway?), it also means that the DEA’s first renewal notice may not come to your (current) door. The second notice now will only be sent to the email address associated with your DEA account.

Prepare for the new reminder policy ahead of time:

  • Step one—Access your DEA provider account and verify that your contact information includes the email address you use most frequently.
  • Step two—While logged in to your account, make note of the date your renewal application is due.
  • Step three—Now, since it is already on your mind: set a calendar reminder to renew, especially if your deadline is within the next year.
  • Step four—Team up with Consilium: find a locum tenens job that meets your preferences…and let us deal with the details instead.

To check the expiration date of your DEA registration, you also may:

  • Call the DEA Registration Service Center at 1-800-882-9539
  • Email [email protected] and include your registration number

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