“Tales from the Road” A locums journey

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For the past 18 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the finest doctors that the medical field has to offer.   The stories they have shared with me about their locum tenens experience have made me laugh, made me cry and sometimes both in the same story.  One thing is for certain, when they share their experiences with me, they are sharing a piece of their lives with me and I appreciate every moment of it.

I’ve often wondered what it’s really like to step into a completely different hospital, clinic, practice, state, city or town and spend the next few weeks or months of your life there.  Some of the doctors I have worked with receive birthday cards every year from the people they have met along the way.  Some curse me and threaten to never work with me again if I even mention certain previous assignments.  OK, yes, that’s probably a little extreme, but you get the point.

What does strike my imagination is to consider the thought that perhaps the varying degrees of experiences are actually not that far apart after all.  Could it be possible that some of the locum tenens assignment “train-wrecks” were only just a couple of weeks away from becoming a really great experience, but assignment ended just a little too soon?

I think about the 1991 movie, “Doc Hollywood”.  Yes, 1991 is going way back, so here is a quick recap:  Michael J. Fox has just finished his residency program and is headed to the West Coast to join a financially lucrative practice.  Along the way, he causes a major accident with his sports car which happens to cause a lot of damage in this small rural town.  When he appears in front of the judge, he has no money to pay for any of the damages, so the judge sentences him to provide free healthcare (pro-bono) to the people in this small town.  Of course, Michael J. Fox is horrified at the thought and the townspeople are not too thrilled either.  However, after a series of events such as people trading pigs for his medical services, him learning “common-sense” medicine from the local doc, the town grows on him and he grows on the town.  In one scene, the local mechanics claim that the parts to repair his foreign sports car still haven’t come in.  The truth is that the parts came in weeks earlier; they just don’t want him to leave now.  Ultimately, Michael J. Fox decides to stay in this town after he falls in love and feels truly appreciated.  Of course, this is just Hollywood, right? That never happens in the real world of locum tenens. Or does it?

This is where your story comes in.  I want to know your story – good, bad, or otherwise.  Someone once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction….”  Send your story to me and let’s find out!

My email address is: [email protected]

I have also added a link to the Consilium Staffing webpage which is specifically formatted for you to share your story:  Tell us your Locum Tenens Story

I’m looking forward to hearing your story, thank you in advance for sharing yours with me.

Written by John Moberly Vice President and Partner for Consilium Staffing.


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