Why Locum?

Why We Locum

Consilium Staffing was founded by a group of individuals with decades of combined experience in the world of physician staffing. We came together with the purpose of creating a locum tenens staffing company that was more than just a job placement agency. We wanted to create a quality standard for our industry; we wanted to stand for something. Our goal was to build an organization that had more meaning and value than just our bottom line. We wanted to create a company that served as a true partner to the hospitals and clinics needing locum tenens coverage and to the physicians and mid-level providers who choose to work in a locums capacity. We wanted to make an impact in the lives of the people that we work with and beyond. We believe we accomplish that goal by creating a locum tenens staffing company that operates at the highest ethical and moral level, conducting business with true integrity and a customer-first mentality. Whether you are a clinic seeking assistance, or the locum looking for work, we treat every partner with the same grace and service as we would treat ourselves.   We believe we are here to serve; here to serve our clients, our providers, our community, and one another (our fellow Consilium teammates). This dedication and commitment to service returns tremendously rewarding results, and that motivates us further to continue to do what we do. It is the satisfaction of knowing that we helped a rural community health center keeps its doors open because we were able to find just the right physician to provide coverage when they had no one else. It is the pride we feel in helping a provider earn additional revenue by working with one of our locums, creating opportunities to help supplement his or her practice, which is reliant on Medicare and Medicaid patients alone. It is the smile of a young child at the local Children’s Hospital where our employees volunteer. It is the realization that because of our client and provider relationships, patients are being treated and hospitals are continuing to help those in need. Those are the reasons that we locum.

Why I Locum

For me, personally, the “why” has drastically changed since I first entered physician staffing more than a decade ago. In all honesty, I entered the business without any previous knowledge that such a field existed, and I did so for no reason other than that I needed a job. A good friend of mine suggested a company to me; he got me an interview, and I got the offer. At the time it was simple: I figured a job in physician staffing, whatever that was, would be much better than not having a job.   After working in the field for several years, at times struggling, and at times succeeding, I left the industry for a while thinking that my days of locums staffing were done. But I was lured back in by those who would become my fellow founders of Consilium. What lured me back was the opportunity to create a new and better locum tenens experience for the clients and physicians we would serve. It seemed to me, and to us as a group, the industry was going through a shift which created an opportunity for a company to focus more on service, building personal relationships, and adding a personal touch. We saw an opportunity to offer a small-town type of personal experience, yet offer “big city” amenities. We believe we can offer all the best that the largest, oldest, or most accomplished locum tenens companies can offer in terms of opportunities, insurance coverage, travel accommodations, pay, etc., but that we can do it without losing the personal touch of a true business relationship, making the locums experience more meaningful and more successful for everyone involved… We subscribe to the Zig Zigler school of thought: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” We here at Consilium can accomplish all our own personal goals if we help achieve the goals of others. Our focus is on those we serve, and I believe that is unique in this industry. And that is why I locum.   In summary: I locum because I believe that Consilium can make a difference.

Why do you Locum?

So you have heard a little about me, about us, about our company… What about you? Why do you do locum? What motivated you to enter the field? What keeps you engaged with locums now? Let us hear from you….Tell us why you locum today!

Matt Baade  - Executive Vice President/Partner