Irving-Based Consilium Expands Behavioral Health Division

  • Tuesday, January 24, 2017

IRVING, Texas – Consilium Staffing, a locum tenens healthcare staffing company, announced an expansion of its behavioral health division into two distinct teams, each addressing healthcare staffing needs in designated regions of the country. Locum tenens companies like Consilium seek to address the growing need for healthcare providers by connecting providers with medical facilities struggling to cover available shifts. The expansion allows Consilium to improve and accelerate the process of sourcing and placing contract medical professionals in understaffed facilities across the country.

  “The strength of this expansion lies in our improved ability to specialize,” said Matt Baade, executive vice-president of Consilium. “The geographic focus allows each Consilium team member to become a true expert on a designated region and specialty, which helps us to more quickly find qualified healthcare professionals to provide shift coverage in mental health facilities needing assistance.”

 Locum tenens, a Latin phrase meaning “to hold the place of,” refers to the temporary placement of doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Locum tenens providers may step in to cover open shifts for several weeks—such as when an existing healthcare provider falls ill or goes on vacation—or a number of months, like in cases of departmental expansion or when a physician transfers or goes on maternity leave. Most medical facilities cannot afford to be without coverage, and locum tenens allows for continuity of quality care in addition to supplementing physician recruiting efforts, as it is not unusual for a locums provider to later be hired on a permanent basis.

 The locum tenens market has boomed in recent years, due in large part to the ever-expanding physician deficit throughout the United States, which the Association of American Medical Colleges projects will grow to 130,600 by the year 2025. The resulting demand for medical professionals provides opportunities for highly-experienced healthcare providers considering semi-retirement, physicians who want to work fewer hours to balance work and family life, and professionals who would like to travel while still practicing medicine. Locum tenens providers can be an especially valuable resource for medical facilities—particularly those providing mental health services—in rural and underserved communities, which often are understaffed and lack the financial and technological resources frequently present in larger facilities.

“We truly have an outstanding opportunity to make a difference for the communities where our doctors work,” said Cullen Wall, regional vice-president of the Consilium behavioral health division. “The expansion of our behavioral health division is indicative of our overall growth as a company and of our efforts to address the physician gap across the country, specifically in the realm of mental health. We are excited to continue fine-tuning our method for doing what we do best: getting medical professionals into places where they can change lives.”

Sarah Clinton
Communications/PR Specialist
[email protected]